Comprehensive support services

With the guarantee entailed by outsourcing support services to Mediterránea, your organisation can also cut its costs by at least 10% in the first year and up to a sustained 4% in the following four years.

Motivated people, efficient processes, a single contact

Ever since we started out we have believed that people are the key ingredient in the success of our daily operations in our customers’ facilities. Plus the processes that Mediterránea has developed over the years with the experience of our everyday business in providing support and catering services mean we can satisfy our users and deliver continuous improvement of our company and the quality of the services we provide.
Our integrated model provides our customers with a single contact who has full decision-making capacity. This services supervisor coordinates the teams from Mediterránea who deliver support services to our customers backed by sophisticated measurement and control tools (CAFM) to provide access to all the new developments and incidents in our services at any time. A single bill, a single contact.