Our values

The knowhow and professionalism of each one of us mean we can achieve the company’s main objective: our customers’ satisfaction.

Our values

A modern company committed to its customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers.

Corporate responsibility

Our employees: Developing their skills, committing to internal promotion, diversity and inclusion, respect for human rights and ensuring healthy and safe working environments.

The communities where we operate: Promoting the purchase of fair trade products, working with local providers to support the development of the areas we serve, and closely partnering programmes to prevent hunger and malnutrition.

Nutrition, health and welfare: Implementing programmes aimed at improving the health and welfare of our users and consumers through reducing intake of sugar, salt and fat.

Environment: A firm commitment to cutting down on wastage and scrap. A strategic line aimed at reducing emissions and controlling energy use in our facilities and those of our customers.

Nutritional health
Meals that meet all needs expressed by type of user, and always under the premise of nutritional balance with full, healthy and appetising diets.
Prevention of occupational hazards
Because we are passionate about safety, our company has developed and implemented a health and safety management system based on the internationally-recognised OHSAS 18001 standard. This standard sets out requirements for health and safety at work management systems that enable an organisation to monitor its occupational hazards and improve its performance.
We are committed to ensuring that continuous improvement and technological renovation translate into modernisation and upgrading of our technical teams and production processes so we can always offer the best to our customers.
The quality of human capital is synonymous with success in any business. So we make sure we provide all our staff with the right training for their continued personal and career development, integration in the team and spirit of service to our customers.
Departmental specialisation
All Mediterránea’s departments consist of highly qualified specialists who ensure that our company’s commitments to our customers are met.
Personalised care
Our major concern and care focuses on customer satisfaction. We like to listen to them and look after them. We are always there for them with personalised service which leads to a healthy relationship based on trust that in turn enhances our understanding of any situation that may come up.
Our organisational culture is based on an enthusiastic and committed working environment which respects its surroundings, promoting an attitude that encourages innovation, creativity and results through teamwork. We foster communication, effective relationships and active engagement in the company along with career development.
Our prerogative to use the word ‘prestige’ as a hallmark does not come from a decision by the company but rather has been earned over the course of a track record marked by enormous professionalism, quality and precision in our business operations which is widely recognised by our customers.