• Trustworthy solutions for hospitals

    Trustworthy solutions for hospitals

  • FRESH: Our modern solution for cafeterias in hospitals

    FRESH: Our modern solution for cafeterias in hospitals

  • Cleaning and support services for hospitals

    Cleaning and support services for hospitals

  • Ultramodern designs for hospital cafeterias

    Ultramodern designs for hospital cafeterias


Our Hospitals
  • Commitment to the patient and hospital staff

    We strive every day to offer patients the finest service and highest quality to ensure that meals are a peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable time for them, as well as being healthy so that they have a positive impact on their speedier recovery.
    Patient care means focussing on these quality factors:

    • Drawing up diets and set meals based on the personal circumstances of each patient and in conjunction with the hospital’s nutrition service.
    • Choice of set meal in the basal diet, taking into account patients’ personal preferences.
    • High set meal turnover to avoid food monotony.
    • Care of the visual value of food with attractive and appetising presentation.
    • Hygienic and sensory control of the entire production and distribution process.
    • Room attendant service with delivery to wards.
    • Maintaining temperature until the food is served to patients.
    • Regular patient satisfaction checks
  • Ongoing commitment to service excellence

    Our ongoing commitment to service excellence enables us to deliver the highest quality and care in all the details that contribute to the comfort and convenience of our customers. We offer a wide range of options for running cafeterias and canteens for hospital staff and visitors alike.

    • Self-service line.
    • Free-flow.
    • Table service.
    • Buffet
    • Special set meals.

    Our cafeteria and canteen service offers:

    A wide range of products: coffee, juice, breakfasts, baguettes, mixed platters, daily set meal, dishes to share, drinks, etc. Quality products from approved suppliers and leading brands. Choice of healthy, tasty and balanced daily set meals made from highest quality raw materials.

  • At Mediterránea we have always been passionate about quality

    We have ISO 9001, 22000, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality Certificates. Our quality assurance is based on three cornerstones.

    • Quality of raw materials. We use premium quality raw materials to produce nutritious and tasty dishes that easily come up to the expectations of our customers. Our approved suppliers are part of our food safety chain and guarantee the quality of our raw material.
    • Our dishes are made under stringent preventive controls and procedures for food safety and hygiene combined with implementation of the HACCP control system to ensure high safety standards for the final product.
    • Using digital tools to evaluate and monitor consumer tastes and preferences and assessing the level of satisfaction provides us with information to manage continuous improvement.

    Furthermore, at Mediterránea we are aware of our environmental stewardship responsibilities so we have ISO 14001 environmental certification in many of our facilities (in some cases we also earn it on our customers’ premises), which means we can guarantee best environmental practice in serving our customers.

  • Our dietetics and nutrition team ensures set meals meet all the needs expressed by type of user, and always under the premise of nutritional balance with full, healthy and appetising diets

    Their work is based on the wellbeing and health of patients:

    • Drawing up technical specifications of the dishes which make up the set meals in terms of both basal diet and also therapeutic diets.
    • Monitoring the nutritional characteristics of the dishes and set meals to suit the facility’s requirements.
    • Drawing up attractive and nutritionally-balanced set meals for each illness and patient, thus helping towards rapid patient recovery.
  • Stringent quality controls in reception and storage of our raw materials ensure the quality of the final product served to the patient

    Compliance with our quality standards means we have to monitor all stages in the production of dishes and service delivery, including the purchase of raw materials from approved suppliers.

    We choose suppliers of leading brands to ensure the quality of raw materials and to address the diversity of tastes and preferences of our customers.