• Your Workplace, Your dining room

    Your Workplace, Your dining room

  • Enterprise solutionsDesign and management of corporate restaurants

    Enterprise solutions

    Design and management of corporate restaurants

  • Food services for schoolsHealthy and safe food

    Food services for schools

    Healthy and safe food

  • Patient careIn Spain, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Colombia

    Patient care

    In Spain, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Colombia

  • Serving Atlético de Madrid fansMediterránea Venues & Sports

    Serving Atlético de Madrid fans

    Mediterránea Venues & Sports

  • Environments tailored to consumer reality

    Environments tailored to consumer reality

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Food and support services for hospitals
Health Partner

Health Partner

Services for nursing homes


Healthy and safe food for schools and universities


Support services for business and industry

Services and solutions for all our customers

A wide range of services and solutions adapted to every need.
Food services 100%
Cleaning and waste management 100%
Technical maintenance 100%
Gardening 100%
Children’s instructors 100%
Reception and switchboard 100%
Meeting room management 100%
General services 100%%
IngenierEngineering and architecture 100%
  • Leading Spanish company specialising in catering, support and single vendor services for hospitals

    With extensive experience and backed by the finest references in the sector including MD Anderson, Santa Helena Clinic, SEAR Clinic, provincial hubs in Almeria, Cadiz and Huelva. More than 300 centres in Spain and Latin America managed by Mediterránea.

  • The best choose Mediterránea

    With a customer base consisting of the finest brands in the local and international business community, Mediterránea offers its customers true quality in catering and support services. Companies such as Banco Santander, Garrigues, Vodafone, Alcatel, UEFA and others now enjoy genuine quality service that outperforms any other market player.

  • The true origin of good health®

    The roots of Origen® lie in Latin and it refers to the beginning, birth, spring, root and cause of something. Mediterránea has developed Origen® in line with the requirements and trends of the 21st century consumer, a person who travels frequently, has a fast pace of life, wants to look after their health and would like quick and personalised service. A consumer who knows exactly what they need and is always open to culinary surprises when they come with quality and wellbeing. A consumer who likes what’s ecological and natural.

  • Leading caterers for stadiums, events and iconic landmarks

    We seek to be a prestigious partner who provides ideas, value, sustainability and financial performance to our customer. We want fans, visitors, players and staff working for a football club, a theme park or museum to enjoy a fantastic dining experience while enjoying a great show. We know there is no greater asset in conversation than saying “I was there”.

  • Creating exceptional moments

    Our highly regarded catering service, Mediterránea Venues&Sports, creates exceptional moments wherever our customers require our services; from an unforgettable evening at one of our exclusive venues to events for over 3,000 people in castles, mansions or professional football stadiums. Our services are led by our Chef Executive Héctor Díaz, who has extensive experience in various Michelin star restaurants, and are our guarantee of quality. Customers such as UEFA, Club Atlético de Madrid, Banco Santander and Vodafone Spain have hired our services and enjoyed moments to remember.

    360º events: A single contact, a large integrator and budget optimisation result in innovative and extremely competitive service underpinned by high quality standards that is visually stunning and backed by the unmatched Mediterránea Venues&Sports quality seal.